Our grandsons future

    Our grandsons, Ryan, Christopher and Ricky was raised by us, the grandparents. All 3 of them going to school and working hard. Would like to help them to cover student loans and everyday life expenses.

We have 3 now grown grandsons. Ryan 24, going to the university, he want to be a heart surgeon. Ricky 20, want to be a chef. Christopher 22, currently a truck driver and he is a Daddy of 2 children. Life was not easy for them, they was raised by us, the grandparents. Mom and Dad was not around for different reasons. We try to give them the best life what we was able to.  They are grown up to be a great young man, going to school and working full time. They home is in Roanoke, Virginia far away from us now - school and jobs are taking them away. They mother is in Europe, the boys was visiting her first time after 10 years in December 2018. School coming first, than after ever what is possible. We would like to raise enough money to help them to able to afford the schools without huge student loans to build the fundation for the future, and still able to go back to visit they mother - hopefully don't have to wait another 10 years - to do so.


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